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Pre -post for V day event  
10:31pm 18/09/2010
The weather is getting better. The roads are clearing and the days are warming up. I shall collect the last few things and be on my way soon. today there is an extra market and so I come down and wander through it. There is less on offer than the day before and more of the things are prettier.

I pause at a stall with quilts in nice colours and pretty designs, a woman offers me a drink and I accept, drinking it down and feeling the better for its warmth. I turn to the stall nearby and look over the jewelry but nothing catches my eye I move farther on to one selling flowers some of which are most unusual shades. but I do not linger for long. Then I catch a scent and see a stall of baked goods.

I am pulling out a few of the glamoured beads  to  pay for  a pastry when one slips through my fingers to fall nearly at the feet of a dark clad woman.
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