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character app  
11:17am 26/07/2010

Application for Dana O’ Shee, Excolo chara


Your LJ name: Oni_neko
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Chester, Damien, Leah, Verite
Your claimed perfume: Dana O’Shee, offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains are the basis of this scent.

Character name: Dana O’Shee (not really her name but it is her favourite alias)
Occupation: Faerie Runaway
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi

Age: early hundreds

Back story ‘Dana’ grew up in the Seelie Court of faerie in the lands of the Summer Queen Titania, a land of great beauty and subtle danger; the land of fairytales is real if not quite as humans imagine it to be. But something has changed and now she’s running to the Iron World for a dubious safety in a land she has rarely visited whose rules she doesn’t quite know. She’s quite young for a fae, roughly their equivalent of a teenager.  Circumstances are forcing her to grow up more quickly.



Strengths and weaknesses: Traditional fae stuff applies to her. So she's probably a bit stronger, quicker and more resilient in healing wounds than a human but not too much more. She can see through illusions if she chooses to but that would be rude. (Or at least rude to let someone know she's seeing through it) Severe iron allergy.

Personality wise she can be a touch arrogant and has a bit of a temper. Is a bit of a trickster but respects anyone who can out trick or out bargain her. Keeps any promise she makes and the wording of any bargains. In fact she has to keep them.  Curious about the Iron World and willing to learn its rules, if only to survive in it until she can go home.


Her magic is mostly glamour (illusions) with a bit of healing and fire stuff thrown in.  

How do you see this character fitting in to the game?: Gives Mab and Fiona more fae stuff to deal with, brings fae politics to game.  I can see plenty of potential for RP in her lack of understanding of the Iron World.  It will hopefully be interesting to have another non malicious trickster.


Appearance: Tall and slender, inhumanly beautiful like most fae, with the colours of summer, golden eyes and fire red hair. Her human face is much less impressive.  She tones the dow nthe colours an such to mere human, right now the PB  is  Neon Hitch. 

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