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Notes on the story idea (Ending the Tithe)  
03:37pm 26/10/2013

  • discovering what happened to Feidelma; I will probably have her sent to hell as tithe in Dana/sorcha's place.

  • why Dana ran away from faerie it will have something to do with avoiding being tithed to hell

  • there will have to some kind of alliance with the younger memebers of the winter court very probably with those who serve the heir of Winter who will proabably be titled as the Lady of Fall to match her counterpart the lady of spring. So Fall and Spring are the factions who want the tithe to end while winter and Summer have greatly invested in the status quo.

  • Fall as interest in ending the Tithe bit wishes for Spring to pay more of the inevitable costs of doing so. Spring of course does not want to pay any less than Fall.

  • This story takes place after Dana and Fiona return to Faerie (thus it is set after the end of Excolo)

  • Dana/sorcha will have to enter hell at some point. she will see how the fae exiles live down there in their own community and will have to deal with meeting her sister  and possibly her friend as well.

  • there will be a threat made to send Fiona as tithe that will force Dana to act both out of her own feelings for her goddaughter as well as the continuing  force of the geas resulting from her oath to fiona's mother.

  • this event is what will probably set off the plot to get things rolling.

  • Actually the real start to everything is when the Spring Lady sends two of her knights to Excolo to ask Sorcha to return to faerie and thus they discover Fiona which leads to the return of both to faerie. (this bit is part of the idea I have about finishing things up in Excolo)

mood: artistic
music: Silver summit- the Door
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